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Meet Eric

Sitting in his two-bedroom apartment in Harford County, Eric shakes his head in disbelief. “This is beautiful,” said Eric. “I never thought I would get something like this.”

After suffering a stroke, Eric spent three years in a skilled nursing facility in Baltimore County. Left with limited movement on his left side and memory problems, Eric longed to have his own place and once again be close to his son. While at the nursing facility, he enrolled in the Home and Community-based Options Waiver program and was assigned a Supports Planner and Housing Coordinator from The Coordinating Center.

When Eric first met Dennise, his Housing Coordinator, he was skeptical. He did not have any money, he was missing essential documents and other programs that promised to help him get out of the facility had let him down. As Eric continued to meet with Dennise, he learned to trust her and shared with her that he did not have all the documents needed to move into his own place, including his birth certificate and proof that he was father of his son and had custody of him.

With the help of Dennise’s diligent work, Eric finally had the paperwork he needed. Eric shared with Dennise that he wanted to move to Harford County so he could be close with this son and do the things they used to do together—go to the movies and play baseball. Dennise told Eric about an 811 Project Rental Assistance in Harford County and in December 2015, Eric was approved to move to Riverwood at Tollgate. “I have a place of my own, I have a place for me and my son,” said Eric.

Eric moved into his new apartment in February 2016. Moving from a nursing facility, he needed some essentials—personal health and hygiene items, food, furniture—to live successfully on his own. Dennise and Rachell, his Supports Planner, worked to help get the items Eric needed through Money Follows the Person (MFP) funds.

Now Eric has a place of his own and a bedroom for his son. On the weekends, they can enjoy doing father-son activities, including going to the playground in the community and taking trips to the nearby shopping center to go to a movie and have dinner.