Meet Jeanne

With the support of the WISH program, Jeanne finally feels like Maryland is her home!

Jeanne’s Story: Jeanne is a 95 years old, loving mother and grandmother. She was born and raised in Alabama, but lived in Southern California for 18 years to be near her daughter and grandchildren, but even after 18 years Southern California never felt like home for Jeanne.

Shortly after Jeanne’s daughter received a job offer in Maryland, Jeanne moved from California to Maryland to stay close to her family. Through the support of her family and the WISH program life in Maryland finally feels like home for Jeanne. Although she is new to the program, she has already benefited so much from her WISH Health Coach, who helped her receive the tools and resources she needed to meet her personal goals and succeed in her new community. One of Jeanne’s major health concerns is her diabetes and managing her diet, but with the help of her Health Coach she has found a local dietician with expertise in diabetes management. Wanting to remain independent and safe in her home, Jeanne turned to her Health Coach for help. Now when Jeanne’s family is out of town, she no longer worries because she has her own   Senior IPad, which helps her connect with her family, friends and needed resources.

“Many people have a misconception that WISH is a medical treatment program and even though it’s not it’s just as valuable. As I worked through this planning stage, I discovered that many doors started opening with ideas and solutions building at an exciting pace.”

The WISH Program helps seniors remain healthy and independent by providing a Health Coach who can help them develop a health plan and connect to resources in the community. WISH, a program of the Nexus Montgomery Regional Partnership, is supported and endorsed by the six Montgomery County community hospitals. If you or someone you know is over 65, has Medicare and lives in one of the independent living facilities listed here, call 301-628-3470 to make a referral to the WISH Program.