Meet Madeline

Madeline, a proud grandmother to more than 25 grandchildren, enjoys being able to talk openly with her WISH Health Coach. Madeline's coach helps her to remain healthy and happy in her new apartment community.

Madeline’s Story: Madeline knows what it is like to be a part of a big family. She is the youngest of 10 children. She has four children of her own and more than 25 grandchildren and great grandchildren. Even with all the love and support from her family, sometimes Madeline likes to discuss her health concerns and needs with someone else other than a family member. Thanks to the WISH Program, this is possible!

Madeline, an 81-year-old, with a history of ongoing heart problems, was referred to the WISH Program by a social worker who worked in her independent living facility. “This is one of the best programs out there,” said Madeline. “It is nice to have the chance to talk to someone who you can be open and honest with and really express yourself.”

The WISH Program helps seniors like Madeline remain healthy and independent by providing a Health Coach who can help them develop a health plan and connect them to resources in the community.

Madeline has been working with her Health Coach, Tenisha for the last year. With Tenisha’s assistance, Madeline receives health services, like physical therapy, right in the comfort of her own home. “Tenisha has tried to get every resource for me—some right in my own living room.” Tenisha is also available when Madeline has emergencies and has to spend time in the hospital. “She is right there for me when I go into the hospital and when I come home,” Madeline said. After a recent hospital stay, Madeline appreciated fresh fruits and vegetables delivered directly to her home thanks to a partnership the WISH Program has with Healthy Harvest. “Tenisha goes above and beyond.”

If you or someone you know is over 65, has Medicare and lives in one of the independent living facilities listed here, call 301-628-3470 to make a referral to the WISH Program.