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The Coordinating Center is well positioned to compliment hospital and health systems as partners to achieve positive health outcomes in the community. We employ over 250 staff including Registered Nurses, licensed Social Workers, Support Planners, Health Coaches, Community Health Workers, and Housing Coordinators with vast experience in community-based care coordination. In addition to healthcare priorities, our experienced Care Coordinators help our clients access a wide variety of public and private community services and provide strategies to address resource issues and needs.

The following services are offered by The Coordinating Center and can be modified based on the specific needs of the hospital or health system:

  • Population Health
    The Coordinating Center is available to work with hospital and health systems to deliver customized care coordination and care transition models that meets the specific needs of the population identified as high risk or “at risk” with the goal of improving quality of care and reducing overall healthcare costs.
  • Strategic Consulting
    The Coordinating Center works collaboratively with health care leaders to address population health challenges and create cost effective strategies to achieve desired outcomes. Subject matter experts in community care coordination, health, aging, disability, housing and community programs and services can assist hospitals and health systems to design tailored solutions using private or public funding, grant funding or other creative methods to promote community health and avoid unnecessary healthcare costs. The Coordinating Center can assist you in bridging gaps between hospital and community care to help manage risk and avoid costs.
  • Collaborative Partnerships for Special Initiatives
    The Coordinating Center has an extensive history of successful partnerships and grant-funded programs. The Coordinating Center can lead or participate in federal or foundation level funding applications and proposals that mutually benefit the community and healthcare or hospital system.
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for Community Care Coordination
    The Coordinating Center embraces the integration of new technology and care coordination, which are essential in better meeting client outcomes. We have a full service IT department, a Quality and Outcomes Management department and staff trained in health informatics which enables us to improve care, ensuring higher quality and efficiency.

To learn more about our customized programs contact Carol Marsiglia, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships at 410-987-1048 Ext. 146 or