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Why Choose The Coordinating Center?

  • Person-Centered
    Personal goals drive our approach to help individuals and caregivers achieve optimal health and independence.
  • Driven By Results
    The Coordinating Center is a data driven organization using best practices and evidence-based models to achieve quality outcomes and proven return on investment.
  • Inspires Change
    The Coordinating Center advocates for policy and system change that positively affects the lives of people with the most
    complex needs.
  • Rich History of Innovation
    For more than 32 years, we have translated national movements into ground-level, community-based programs including Transitions of Care, Hospital Readmission Reduction, Aging in Place, and addressing homelessness.
  • Leaders in Change
    Team members are sought out to serve on national, regional and local initiatives that address disabilities, care coordination, transitions of care, older adults and affordable housing.
  • Qualified Professionals
    We employ over 250 highly qualified individuals including licensed social workers, nurses, housing specialists and supports planners who live in the communities we serve.
  • Experts in the Field
    We have been rooted in the community for more than three decades and have access to a wide network of resources.
  • Commitment to Excellence
    The Coordinating Center is accredited by URAC, an independent organization which promotes healthcare quality standards and Maryland Nonprofits Standards for Excellence, which ensures accountability and high ethical standards.
  • Widely-Known and Well Respected
    The Coordinating Center is the largest independent community care coordination organization in Maryland and an active leader in healthcare transformation.
  • Partner with Us
    The Coordinating Center provides a customized approach for the most complex populations with public and private payers, hospitals and government and community providers.