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Helpful Links

Accessible Equipment
Resources that provide access to adaptive equipment for free or at a reduced cost.

Adult Day Care
Links to Adult Day Care facilities and programs.

Aging Services
Resources, networks, and services for aging individuals and their families.

Links to various Arcs of Maryland, which provide resources for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Assistive Technology
Resources for assistive technology including product information, stores, and charities.

Attendant Care Program
Resources for gaining attendant care to provide in-home assistance to individuals with disabilities.

A list of camps that provide programs and support for children and young adults with disabilities and special needs.

Guides, support groups, and resources for family caregivers.

Care Transitions
Tools and resources to help you learn of about care transitions.

Community Services
Resources and service providers for a vast array of needs and financial abilities.

Dental guides, donated services, and information resources.

Disability Services
Grants, networks, and charities geared toward helping individuals with disabilities and their families.

Resources and services that improve education accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Federal Agencies
Federal agencies that provide helpful information and services to individuals with complex health care issues.

Financial Support Programs
Resources and services to help organize finances and create budgets.

Food Assistance Programs
A list of local food banks, soup kitchens, and other resources for free or at a reduced cost.

A list of grocery store resources.

Home Design
Information, resources, and services for designing and building adaptive homes.

A list of Maryland hospitals.

Jewish Services
Community services, grants, and resources geared toward helping the Jewish population in need.

Language and Speech Support Services
Information and resources for individuals wishing to learn a new language or need speech services.

Legal Services
A list of organizations that provide pro bono or reduced cost legal services to those in need.

Medical Equipment
Resources, information, stores, and charities that provide medical equipment.

Links to Medicare and Medicaid websites and information.

Mental Health
Information, health centers, and services for individuals with mental health needs.

Pharmacy & Prescriptions
Prescription and pharmacy information and resources.

Phone Services
Cellular and landline phone reduced cost services and programs.

Physical Therapy
Resources and information for physical therapy services.

Professional Organizers
Resources, services, and information on professional organizers.

Accessible recreation resources in Maryland.

Snow Removal
Services and organizations that provide free or reduced cost snow removal.

State of Maryland
State of Maryland websites that provide information, resources, services, and grants to those with complex health care needs.

Free or reduced cost transportation and information about public and private programs.

List of energy and other utility assistive services and programs in the state.

Vehicle/Gas Assistance
Free or reduced vehicle and gas programs.

Veteran’s Services
Veteran services, information, and resources.

Eye check up information, eye glasses programs, and other eye care services and programs.