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For more than 30 years, coordinating services and navigating systems with people who have the most complex needs so they can live in the community.

Meet Chuck

“I don’t know how it’s going to work, but I’m walking at graduation,” Chuck said.

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Meet Malika

Malika provides support and guidance to other women with spinal cord injuries. “I didn’t have someone tell me what to do or how life was going to be different,” she said. “I now can help women understand what it is like to be a mother with a spinal cord injury.”

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Meet Cara

“People would tell me I shouldn’t go into the medical field because of my compromised immune system or that I couldn’t do it,” Cara said. “But I can. Nothing should hold you back.”

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Meet Eric

“I have a place of my own, I have a place for me and my son,” said Eric.

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Meet Kayleigh

Kayleigh’s mom said The Coordinating Center helped the family in more ways than one and is grateful for The Center’s support and guidance. “It helped me be a better mother,” she said.

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Meet Michael

Michael shares his motivation for wanting to leave the nursing home and have a place of his own: “I wanted my independence and to do the things that I was doing before,” he said. “My kids were young at the time and I wanted to see them play sports.”

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Meet Christine

Christine lost her eye sight 28 years ago from a brain hemorrhage. However, that has not stopped her from doing the one thing she has loved doing since the seventh grade—painting.

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Our Mission

The mission of The Coordinating Center is to partner with people of all ages and abilities and those who support them in the community to achieve their aspirations for independence, health and meaningful community life.

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Inspired Solutions

Our services include the following:

  • Population Health
  • Community Care Coordination
  • Community Care Transitions
  • Housing and Supportive Services
  • Managed Care Case Management
  • Medical Legal Services & Life Care Planning

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Our Partners

Partnerships with the following help us achieve our mission:

  • Individuals & Families
  • Hospitals & Physicians
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Government & Policy Makers
  • Community Providers

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