Family Resource Fund

The Family Resource Fund provides clients of The Coordinating Center with financial assistance to purchase items or services that are not covered by Medicaid or Medicare. The fund accepts the following types of requests:

  • Critical/Safety Need – fund allocation limited to $500 or less for current fiscal year
  • Housing Stability (rent, security deposit or utilities) – fund allocation limited to $500 or less for one-time only
  • Quality of Life – fund allocation limited to $300 or less for current fiscal year

If a client is requesting an item or service that costs more than the allocated amount, the client can choose to pay for part of the cost if possible or the client’s coordinator or health coach will try to secure funds from other organizations.

The Family Resource Fund is made possible by the generous donations from friends of The Coordinating Center. Availability of funds are based on the amount of money donated and the number of requests filled per fiscal year.

If you are a client of The Coordinating Center and would like to request funds from the Family Resource Fund, please contact your coordinator or health coach for more information.

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