Meet Rachel

Rachel, a middle school student diagnosed with Autism, is thriving and developing her skills with the help of her family and other vital supports and resources.

Rachel’s Story: A diagnosis of Autism certainly does not get in the way of some of Rachel’s favorite pastimes. She enjoys horseback riding, shopping, looking for new movies to watch, hanging out outdoors, and spending quality time with her family and friends. Rachel has a special soft spot for her dog who is a most patient and friendly companion.

Diagnosed as a toddler with Autism, she has been working hard ever since to develop her skills and highlight her strengths. Rachel was nonverbal until the age of five and now utilizes both spoken word and sign language to communicate best with her family and friends. Rachel also lives with severe food allergies and Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that can lead to damage of the small intestine. Rachel’s family continues to explore eating habits that could help her lessen and best manage her food allergies.

With the help of her family, her Coordinator and other valuable resources like friends and mentors, Rachel is learning more about important skills including how to communicate and behave effectively with others, how to express her emotions and how to prepare her own food. All of these skills are important for helping Rachel to thrive, and her family is happy to see her continued growth and development.

Our Impact: Support from The Coordinating Center has made life easier for Rachel’s family. The family is able to spend more time together thanks to a well-coordinated schedule while Rachel receives the resources needed to continue working on language and life skills.