The Coordinating Center partners with seniors to help them achieve optimal quality health, affordable housing and meaningful community life. We work with seniors who live in the community and want to remain independent, and others who live in a Maryland nursing facility or are homeless and wish to move to a home. Our highly skilled coordinators navigate complex systems and connect individuals with the necessary supports and services to thrive at home. Using a person-centered planning approach we work with each individual to customized a plan of care that is centered on achieving personal goals and aspirations. Here are ways we can help:

  • Locate and secure affordable housing or housing supports
  • Assist with the transition from nursing home to a home in the community
  • Help coordinate and participate in medical appointments
  • Ensure communication with and among the medical home team is clear, frequent and timely

The following programs are available for seniors:

Additionally, Medical Legal Services Division has experience working with the legal community in addressing catastrophic health issues, providing life care planning and community care coordination required by special needs trusts. To learn more about our Medical Legal Services Division, visit

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