Meet Christine

A brain hemorrhage in college left Christine with limited sight, but her artistic vision remained sharp.

Christine’s Story: One would never know looking at her abstract paintings that Christine has not seen color for 28 years.

Christine fell in love with art in middle school. Christine wanted to share her love of art with others and decided to study art education in school. During her senior year of college, Christine suffered her second brain hemorrhage —the first one being when she was a senior in high school. The second hemorrhage was severe, leaving her in a coma for eight months. When Christine came out of the coma, she had lost her eyesight, speech and the use of her right-side extremities.

During the next three years, Christine learned sign language, Braille, how to speak in brief phrases, to do things with her left hand and arm and to walk with the assistance of a cane and braces.

One thing Christine never lost was her love of painting and the desire to do it. With the help of local artists and mentors, Christine began painting again. She now uses the colors and shadows she sees within to create paintings. Christine explains that she can see certain lights and shades of color depending on the weather.

The home that Christine shares with her parents is filled with her artwork—some as far back as the seventh grade. The bedroom once occupied by her younger sister is now Christine’s art studio. The room is filled with colorful canvases. Christine’s paintings also can be found in galleries, art shows and in buildings throughout Frederick.

Our Impact: Christine’s coordinator, Beth, helped connect her to resources that could help her continue her passion for art and remain active in the community. When Christine is not painting, she likes exercising at the local YMCA and volunteering at Daybreak Adult Day Services, a place she attended during her own recovery.