Meet Ronea

At the age of 34, Ronea, a mother of three children and a manager of a clothing store, was hit by a car that resulted in a Traumatic brain injury and other disabilities. Unable to walk or live on her own, Ronea spent the next seven years living in a nursing facility and worked hard to regain her independence through therapy and rehabilitation services. Determined to move out of the facility and into a home of her own, Ronea was introduced by the facility’s social worker to The Coordinating Center who helped her transition to the Home and Community-Based Options Waiver. With the help of The Coordinating Center and the Waiver, Ronea was able to move out of the nursing facility and into a home of her own.

“The Coordinating Center has been a huge help. They put me in a lovely apartment. And let me know I can call and talk to them whenever I have a problem. They helped me to get my life in order. My apartment is a one bedroom, nicely lit up by the sun and easy to get around. It is easy to keep clean and I love it,” said Ronea.

Ronea says life was good before the accident, she enjoyed playing games, dancing, taking walks and listening to spiritual music. “The accident slowed me down. I can’t do what I used to do, but it’s okay, I’ll get back one day. I’m alive and I am finding new things that I enjoy.” Ronea has learned to embrace new hobbies, such as painting bird houses and making shirts, and continues to do the things that she enjoyed before the accident. “I like to do things with my children, swim, cook and even clean.”

Ronea continues to make strides in regaining her independence. “I walk with my walker, I participate in therapy, and I really am looking forward to starting therapy where I can meet other people who are disabled like myself.”

Ronea’s advice to anyone considering joining The Coordinating Center is to join as soon as possible. She says, “I like how The Coordinating Center puts everything together and finds out what you like and do not like, it is a good place to help you rebuild your life that you lost.”