Areas of Expertise

We employ highly skilled and qualified individuals including registered nurses, licensed social workers, supports planners, health coaches and housing coordinators who coordinate services for more than 10,000 individuals in the state of Maryland.

Population Health


The Coordinating Center works with hospitals, health systems, and community organizations to deliver customized care coordination and care transition models for at risk populations, including Medicaid, Medicare, and individuals experiencing homelessness. Our work is focused on reducing unnecessary hospital utilization and social determinants of health.

The Center’s evidence-based care coordination model meets the goals of the Triple Aim: improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing per capita cost of care for the benefit of communities.

Community Care Coordination


We provide community-based care coordination by partnering with families, health care professionals, clinics and hospitals, community services and other resources working together to provide person-centered, coordinated care. Our team of highly skilled coordinators locate, coordinate and navigate systems to help people with the most complex needs live in the community of their choice.

Community Care Transitions


The Coordinating Center assists clients with moving from a healthcare setting to the community. Continuity and effective communication is essential to promote a successful transition and avoid a preventable health event. The transition process may involve planning, logistical coordination, advocacy, identification of personal goals and motivators, as well as education.

Housing & Supportive Services


Our Housing Team helps individuals locate accessible, affordable housing in communities of choice. Locally engaged and nationally recognized, The Coordinating Center provides housing expertise and advocacy to effectively create practical strategies, program development, policy and regulation recommendations, and partnership and collaboration building to create and expand “deep” rental subsidy opportunities at the local, state, and federal level.

Managed Care Case Management


The Coordinating Center partners with managed care organizations to provide care management for individuals with the most complex health, social and disability needs. Managed care case management is targeted care coordination, which covers the spectrum of health and safety concerns related to trauma, rare diagnoses, catastrophic needs, or chronic illnesses that result in greater use of hospital emergency departments.

Medical Legal Services


Our Medical Legal Services Division offers inspired solutions to the community on behalf of people with catastrophic health needs and disabilities. Core services include life care planning and care coordination. To learn more about Medical Legal Services, visit

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