Meet Bradley

“Bradley, a 16-year-old diagnosed with Autism, hasn’t always had the easiest time navigating his diagnosis, but The Coordinating Center stepped in when he was having issues receiving quality care and Bradley has been excelling ever since.”

After years of marriage Bradley’s parents wanted a second child, but decided if it didn’t happen by age 35, they would stop trying, but at 35 years old Melanie found out Bradley was coming. Bradley was diagnosed with Autism as a young child and during a time where Autism wasn’t as well understood as it is now. Bradley’s parents spent countless hours researching the diagnosis because they didn’t just want to understand Autism, they wanted to have the tools they needed to support and provide quality care for their son.

Bradley joined the Autism Waiver and connected with The Coordinating Center at age 12. Since connecting with The Coordinating Center, Bradley has transferred to a school that can support his learning needs and provides him with the resources he needs during the school day. “Bradley has made tremendous progress and I attribute that in part to The Coordinating Center” said, Bradley’s mother Melanie.

Bradley loves playing on his IPad, the outdoors, swimming, and going to his favorite restaurant, Hunan L. Rose. Thanks to the one on one tech service Bradley receives he can go out in the community do all these things every day.

In a week Bradley will be heading to a summer camp program through The League for People with Disabilities that his coordinator found, and his parents will receive respite during that time. “We learn as we go through it…he may not be an engineer, but he’ll be the best Bradley he can be.”

Our Impact: Support from The Coordinating Center has made life easier for The Washington family. With the help of Bradley’s coordinator, Bradley can receive services from techs, that take him into the community 7 days a week and allow him to do all the things he loves while learning life skills.