Client Programs and Management

Anne Conway

Associate Director Amerigroup
(410)-987-1048 Ext.4184

Megan Bazzett, MS, CPRP, CFRP

Director, Community First Programs
(410) 987-1048 Ext. 2210

Celinda Carr LCSW-C, CCM

Director, REM Program 
410-987-1048, ext. 3290


Evelyn Klaiss RN, BSN, CCM

Program Director, Model Waiver and Program Manager, REM
410-987-1048, ext. 2220

Priscilla Lissik

Director, Homeless Support Services
410-987-1048, ext. 1830

Heather Hornedo

Program Manager, Community First Programs
410-987-1048, ext. 1790

Kitty Sprague, RN, CCM

Program Manager, Get Well Program
410-987-1048, ext. 2360

Pamula Mills

Director, Coordination of Community Services

Ruja Luitel

Director, Quality Improvement and Outcomes Management 
410-987-1048, ext. 2280

Sheri Weissman LCSW, C-ASWCM

Director, Autism Services
410-987-1048, ext. 3250

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