Meet Arnita

The WISH program helped Arnita manage her health, so she can continue to enjoy all the other things she loves.

Arnita’s Story: Arnita is a very social individual who appreciates the power of the written and spoken word; most of her favorite hobbies and passions involve reading and writing. Whether it’s a short story, essay or a sermon at church, Arnita loves the experience of creating and sharing. If she’s not writing or reading, you can find Arnita volunteering, playing Bingo with friends, or enjoying some active time in her community’s fitness center.

At 70-years-old, Arnita has been a client of the WISH Program since 2018. She started working with the program when she was in need of assistance to address her health concerns including diabetes, shingles, high blood pressure, and glaucoma. Arnita’s health was in jeopardy, she was also having a hard time keeping track of her medication schedule and dosage, putting her at risk for a serious medical emergency. She also needed immediate help understanding how to manage her diabetes as she was struggling to monitor her blood sugar, and faced hurdles such as the affordability of her essential diabetic supplies and access to affordable and reliable transportation.

Recognizing Arnita’s needs, WISH Coach Mariam worked hard to secure affordable medication and diabetic supplies, coordinate fresh and healthy food delivery, and arrange for supports including housekeeping assistance and convenient delivery of Arnita’s critical medical and diabetic supplies. Along the way, Mariam has helped Arnita gain a better understanding of not only her diagnoses, but also her medical insurance coverage. This support and knowledge gives Arnita the ability to advocate for and control her own health. Reflecting on the impact of WISH’s support, Arnita says, “I would not have been able to access or take my medication without this program!”

Arnita shares that since she has been a client of the WISH Program, she has begun to feel like she can thrive. “I recommend the WISH Program to all of my friends, and I would do the same for anyone who needs help. WISH Coaches help you thrive; this is a very worthwhile program.”

The WISH Program helps seniors like Arnita remain healthy and independent by providing a Health Coach who can help them develop a health plan and connect to resources in the community. WISH, a program of the Nexus Montgomery Regional Partnership, is supported and endorsed by the six Montgomery County community hospitals. If you or someone you know is over 65, has Medicare and lives in one of the independent living facilities listed here, call 301-628-3470 to make a referral to the WISH Program.