Meet Hailey

Hailey, an 11-year-old ambassador through MWPH representing kids with disabilities, has never let her disability stand in the way of her doing all the things she loves.

When Hailey was 2 years old, she took a fall in the bath tub which lead to the discovery of her rare condition called Klippel-Feil syndrome, that would leave her in a wheelchair. The doctors told her family she wouldn’t be able to speak, and they shouldn’t expect much from her physically.

Fast forward to nine years later and Hailey is preparing to head to her first cheerleading practice next week. Although Hailey is in a wheelchair she loves to sing, dance, and play with her dog when she’s not working on her latest arts and crafts project. “You always have to try, if you can’t do it that’s okay, but you have to try” this is the mantra Hailey’s grandmother, Dawn teaches Hailey to live by and she doesn’t disappoint.

Hailey was selected by MWPH as an ambassador to represent children with disabilities in Washington, DC at the Captiol. During her trip Hailey spoke with Senator Chris Van Hollen and shared with him how important it is to keep the funding for her insurance as it is how she is able to afford the care she needs.

Our Impact: Through The Coordinating Center and the REM program, Hailey is able to maintain her insurance and have access to the medical equipment she needs to live comfortably. Hailey’s coordinator makes sure she has the adaptive equipment she needs in school and continues to advocate for her needs.