Press Release

The Coordinating Center Appoints New Board Members

The Coordinating Center is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky, Carole Lowe-Nedab, and Naftali Rabinowitz to its Board of Directors.

Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky is a practicing physician at Children’s National Health System, a health policy leader, and social entrepreneur. Dr. Ostrovsky has held prominent positions including Chief Medical Officer of CMS and CHIP Services, and has led teams at the World Health Organization, United States Senate, and San Francisco Health Department toward strengthening health systems through technology. Dr. Ostrovsky has contributed to legislation at the local and national level to advance care delivery for vulnerable populations. Dr. Ostrovsky is a published researcher in public health informatics, quality improvement, healthcare innovation, social entrepreneurship, and care coordination.

Carole Lowe-Nedab is a Budget Manager in the Office of Management and Budget for Prince George’s County. She serves as the lead for the County’s Enterprise Resource Planning Program implementation. As a parent of two children, one of whom had special healthcare needs, Ms. Lowe-Nedab understands the importance of care coordination services for children and their families.  In memory of her daughter, Kendal Sophia Nedab, she established the KSN Foundation.  Because of her compassion for others, the foundation will provide support to those seeking to develop the character of youth beyond academics.

Naftali Rabinowitz, our consumer representative, is a passionate advocate for children with special healthcare needs. Mr. Rabinowitz currently studies Jewish Rabbinic Law at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore and during his free time volunteers for Kids of Courage, a nonprofit organization that helps children with chronic disabilities to have the opportunity to travel. As a young adult born with Spina Bifida, Naftali is passionate in helping  children achieve their goals.

The Coordinating Center’s board members serve a three-year term.