Press Release

The Coordinating Center Celebrates 35 Years of Abilities

In honor of The Coordinating Center’s 35th year anniversary, coworkers will participate in The Center’s Year of Service initiative. Renée Dain, VP, Business Development and Social Innovation and initiative organizer said, “Finding time to give back to the community and to make new connections has been proven to improve not only the lives of others, but your own life as well. By volunteering with coworkers in our local community, we will promote team building and have the opportunity to put The Center’s values into action.”

Coworkers are volunteering across the state to help people with disabilities, housing instability and mental health challenges, as well as organizations that support animals and the environment. Upcoming volunteer activities include cleaning animal care areas at the Maryland SPCA, serving as a guide at the Homeless Resource Day in Anne Arundel County, packaging food at the Maryland Food Bank and painting Itineris’s new facility.

Look for #TCCinAction on our social media accounts to follow all the great work we are in doing in the community!

Do you know of any organization that needs volunteers? Contact  Renee Dain.