FY2020 Board Recruitment

The Coordinating Center is seeking new board members

About The Coordinating Center
The Coordinating Center is a preeminent leader of care coordination services in Maryland for children and adults with disabilities and the most complex medical and social needs. The Center is a nonprofit community-based organization with headquarters located in Millersville, Maryland. The Center has 36 years of experience in delivering care coordination services for people across the entire State of Maryland.

The Center is deeply committed to the delivery of person and family-centered care. Our Care Coordinators partner directly with individuals and families to support their health and healthcare goals and needs in collaboration with health care and mental health professionals, housing providers, and others to deliver care coordination services. The Center employs more than 300 individuals, including certified care coordinators, licensed social workers, registered nurses, supports planners, community health coaches and housing coordinators across the state, who work directly with more than 10,000 people annually.

The Center has strong partnerships with several local hospitals and healthcare systems, managed care organizations and private insurers, as well as local, state and federal government agencies. Fundraising is currently limited to growing The Center’s Family Resource Fund, which assists clients and families of The Center with critical needs (e.g. medical equipment and supplies not covered by Medicaid, housing support to prevent eviction, support for rapid rehousing, emergency dental work), and other requests to improve a person’s quality of life (e.g. assistive devices and technology, therapeutic strollers, adapted tricycles, respite, summer camp).

About The Coordinating Center’s Board of Directors
The Center’s Board of Directors is comprised of fourteen well-respected and seasoned leaders from across the state of Maryland, with experience in nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Each Director is highly committed to the mission of The Center and its continued success. They are actively engaged with The Center’s President and CEO in setting key priorities for The Center and fundraising to support the Family Resource Fund.

The Center is seeking two exceptional leaders to join its Board of Directors. Candidates must be seasoned volunteers with the time and interest to serve in a leadership capacity in the future as the organization seeks to plan for leadership succession for officer positions.  This is a volunteer position.

Desired Skills and Expertise
The Nominating Committee is actively recruiting volunteers to fill two Board member positions. Candidates should have a passion for the mission, and experience in healthcare and/or disabilities. The Board would like to find a candidate with experience in fundraising who can Chair the Fundraising Committee, and another candidate with finance/accounting expertise, as it is looking to cultivate a leader to serve as its next Treasurer. Fluency in a second language (i.e. Spanish and Russian) is a plus.

FY2020 Board Recruitment


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