Press Release

The Coordinating Center Provides Care Coordination Expertise in New Partnership


The Baltimore Health System Transformation Partnership, which includes The Coordinating Center as part of this diverse collaborative, was one of eight awardees of the Health Services Cost Review (HSCRC) Regional Partnership for Health System Transformation planning grants.

The goal of the Baltimore Health System Transformation Partnership (BHSTP) is to create a Primary Care Support Center for Baltimore City residents, who have multiple chronic illnesses and behavioral health challenges. The Primary Care Support Center will serve as a hub for a multi-disciplinary, community-wide continuum of care that seamlessly transitions high utilizers from an acute setting to appropriate community-based health and social services.

As a key player in the partnership, The Coordinating Center will co-chair the Care Coordination, Chronic Disease Management, and Care Transitions Workgroup, which will be responsible for designing how care coordination is delivered in the Primary Care Support Center. The partnership also includes is hospitals, federally-qualified health centers, skilled nursing facility, the local health department/local health improvement coalition, and other community-based health service businesses.

“We are looking forward to being part of this dynamic collaborative,” said Carol Marsiglia, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships. “We are confident community-based care coordination can effectively address health and social needs to prevent avoidable hospital encounters and result in better outcomes, increased consumer satisfaction and lower costs to our health system.”