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Vision, Mission, Values


People of all ages and abilities have equitable access to achieve optimal quality health, affordable housing and meaningful community life.


The mission of The Coordinating Center is to partner with people of all ages and abilities and those who support them in the community to achieve their aspirations for independence, health and meaningful community life.


Excellence: We challenge ourselves to do great work. We treat the people we support with dignity and respect. We actively seek feedback to continually improve and evolve our practices and services. We accept challenges and we are not stymied by complexity. We support each other as a team. We are responsive and flexible. We pursue outcomes that advance our mission.

Collaboration: We are better together. We prioritize teamwork, inclusivity, and shared goals. We encourage strategic collaboration to bring out the best solutions for improving and strengthening the communities in which we serve and in which we work.

Integrity: We respect confidentiality. We accept responsibility for our mistakes. We instill a culture of trust and purpose in how we pursue our daily work. We respect what matters to people and we honor relationships. We uphold ethical standards in our daily work and practice.

Equity and Inclusion: We value diversity in many forms. We are committed to strengthening meaningful connections to resources and to helping individuals feel socially connected. We understand that life sometimes is complex and that people’s strengths and challenges can be both personal and contextual. We see people as a whole.

Impact: We make a difference. We focus on results that matter to the people we serve, to the organizations and networks we partner with, the systems we are involved with, and ultimately, to the community at large.

Learning: We believe continual learning is essential for adaptation, innovation, resilience, and simply for doing good work. We pay attention to the changes and opportunities in the community. We embrace individuality and encourage creativity and seek to create opportunities for work to be exciting and meaningful.